Project Description

Client:   Cineworld
Location:  Milton Keynes
Completed:   November 2014

Swindon Interiors were proud to have been appointed as the principal contractor, for the refurbishment of this 16 screen “live” multiplex.

This project included refurbishment to the foyer, concessions, halls to screens & washrooms and Cineworld’s first Superscreen system in the UK.

Also included was the full supply of power and data to over fifty media screens, and a 76 metre wrap around screen in the main foyer.

This project also saw a complete new data network to tills and theatre management systems, enabling Cineworld to communicate promotions, offers and information to their visitors via over 50 full LCD media screens. All lighting systems were replaced with full LCD solutions.

Milton Keynes Cineworld has adopted the Dolby Atmos sound system which G&W were pleased to install. Dolby Atmos is the name of a surround sound technology announced by Dolby Laboratories in April 2012, which was first utilized in Pixar’s Brave. The first installation was in the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California, for the premiere of Brave in June 2012. Throughout 2012, it saw a limited release of about 25 installations worldwide, with an increase to 300 locations in 2013. The format allows for an unlimited number of audio tracks to be distributed to theatres for optimal, dynamic rendering to loudspeakers based on the theatre capabilities.

The first generation cinema hardware, the “Dolby Atmos Cinema Processor” supports up to 128 discrete audio tracks and up to 64 unique speaker feeds, the technology will initially be geared towards commercial cinema applications only, but may later be adapted to home cinema. In addition to playing back a standard 5.1 or 7.1 mix using arrays, the system will give each loudspeaker its own unique feed, thereby enabling many new front, surround, and even ceiling-mounted height channels for the precise panning of select sounds such as a helicopter or rain