Project Description

Client:   Cineworld
Location:  Renfrew Street, Glasgow
Completed:   September 2016

At over 200 ft. high (62m), and with an entry in the Guinness Book of Records, Cineworld, Renfrew Street, Glasgow is the world’s tallest cinema.

It has 18 screens over 6 levels, and can accommodate more than 4,300 people. Its most distinctive external feature is the huge glass curtain wall on the east face which houses a system of criss crossing escalators which are lit neon blue during the hours of darkness.

The 18 screen cinema refurbishment included installation of Cineworld’s 4DX system, Superscreen, Bar, Tickets & Concessions, VIP rooms & 3 VIP screens (along with a plush Bar), General Areas, Halls to Screens, Washrooms.

This was undertaken on a 26 week programme and was Swindon Interiors’ largest refurbishment project so far.

Swindon Interiors, were the Principal Contractor for the entire fit out with G&W Contracting as the M&E design and build contractors. Both Swindon Interiors and G&W were very proud to be involved in this major refurbishment project.

The M&E works included; Electrical Supply, LV Distribution & Distribution Boards, Lighting Installations, Emergency Lighting Installations, Small Power Lighting, Fire Warning Systems, Public Address Systems, Security Systems, Disabled Persons Alarm Systems, CCTV Systems, Projection, Sound & Auditorium Systems, Telephone & Data Systems, Satellite & Aerial Systems, Electrical Services Associated with Mechanical Services.