Project Description

Client:   Cineworld
Location:  Glasgow
Completed:   August 2013

The iconic Glasgow Science Centre is largest of the three main, titanium-clad buildings & takes a crescent shape structure and houses a Science Mall. In architectural terms, it represents the canted hull of a ship, a reference to the adjacent ‘canting basin’, where vessels were brought to have the marine growth removed from their hulls. Internally, there are three floors of over 250 science-learning exhibits. The building was designed by BDP.

The IMAX cinema was the first IMAX cinema to be built in Scotland. The single auditorium seats 370 in front of a rectangular screen measuring 25 m by 18.9 m and has the capability to show 3D films as well as standard 2D films in IMAX format.

The installation of the new IMAX screen involved the removal of some of the existing external titanium cladding (no mean feat!), to accommodate the size of the screen itself and then, a reinstallation of a new removable panel for easy access for any future works. The scope of works was as;

  • Break out projection suite wall and reposition existing viewing port window to IMAX specification.
  • Create opening to projection suite wall and install new digital film projection ports to IMAX drawings location.
  • Make good projector ports to Projection and Auditoria sides.
  • Provide power for new projector.
  • Adapt existing extract system for digital projector.
  • Provide fire alarm shut down interface for new digital projector.
  • Make good flooring to projection suite following install of digital projector.
  • Install cabling for remote camera / microphone to auditoria.
  • Install new staircase from ground to first mezzanine.
  • Replace flooring to new concessions area and store on first floor mezzanine.
  • Install water / drainage to new concessions area and store on first floor mezzanine.
  • Install new concessions counters to first floor mezzanine.
  • Install new Starbucks area.
  • Install lighting and power to new concessions.
  • Install panic alarms to concessions counters.
  • Install CCTV to concessions area / Starbucks / Cash room door / staff time clock / ATM’s.
  • Provide power to retail signage and Plasma Screens.
  • Install satellite and power cables.
  • Install stair infills and replace existing lighting with LED.
  • Install Hand dryers to toilet areas.
  • Re -carpet auditorium entrance lobbies.
  • Decorations to projection suite.
  • Provide emergency exit signage to exit doors in auditorium.

Swindon Interiors was proud to be involved with this project, on this iconic and fascinating building. All works were completed in just over 2 weeks.