Project Description

Client:   Cineworld
LocationIpswich, Enfield, Nottingham, Birmingham and Dublin
Completed:   October 2012

Swindon Interiors were the contractors for the installation of IMAX screens, sound and projection systems across five locations; Ipswich, Enfield, Nottingham, Birmingham and Dublin.

This contract, had to be completed to very tight timescales, in order to meet the launch dates for the popular blockbuster releases, Skyfall and The Hobbit. In Nottingham, this was further complicated by the inclusion of revised stadia seating levels and associated ramps to give the customer optimum viewing. Three of the sites ran concurrently, with just an eight week turnaround time. Throughout the installations, the remainder of the cinema and complex had to remain completely operational at all times.

The brief was to refurbish the existing auditoriums and upgrade them, both aesthetically and acoustically, to receive IMAX screens, sound and projection systems. This involved the installation of a birdcage scaffold around and above the existing seating, some 15 metres high. An average IMAX screen measures 19m wide by 10.5m high, compared to a standard cinema screen at just 8m wide by 5m high. This meant that ceilings had to be raised and services re-installed, in order to accommodate the new screen.

Throughout these projects, we operated 24/7 shifts and transported materials up to level 3 of operational buildings, no easy task.

IMAX combines a hugely powerful digital sound and patented crystal-clear digital projection with a much larger, slightly curved and tilted specially treated, IMAX High Definition screen.

This is complimented perfectly by a customised geometric seating plan in the auditorium, designed for the most comfortable position for both eyes and neck as well as a better viewpoint of the action on screen. The viewing of a film in IMAX was bigger, better and bolder than any other format than was currently available in cinemas, at the time. Huge curved screens and better-designed seating with sound which can vibrate pulses through you, really do make you feel part of the action.